Monday, 24 September 2012


 from left to right Rev K . Foster, Rev. A.W.Pendleton (my hubby) Rev Lynette Foster (the ordaining minister) Rev. J. Chapman
 Lynette and Tony
the Reverends and me
Sunday September 23rd @The Sanctuary of Light in Ingoldmells Lincoln my husband fullfilled a life time dream and was ordained he is now the Reverend Anthony Walter Pendleton.
The day was so special surrounded by family and friends a very emotional day. I was so proud of him.
After the service we all went to the reception to tuck into some very much needed refreshments the spread was so lovely they had really pushed the boat out, (sorry forgot to take a picture.)then the fun started the waitress who we had looking after us was the moodiest person  I had every met, she definitely wasn't in love with her job. We had paid to have tea and coffee flowing all day, but you felt too scared to ask for it. She bought the 1st 3 cups of tea with cream in a pod, when I went and asked her where the milk was she said they had none then it was all downhill from there . not enough cups to supply what they had promised. (and I had paid for) When I went to complain to the manageress (who was just as surly as the waitress, dont know why they where employed by the brewery I dont think either of them knew how to smile.) when you are in that sort of job no matter what your mood is you must put it to one side and smile and be polite. 
Any ways eventually most people got served. A friend of mine wanted some water so I said no don't go and pay pub prices I will ask for a jug of water. Well she arrived back at our table with this large jug of " HOT" water ... well I nearly fell off my chair with laughter, anyway she laughed too ,which surprised me, It was one of the lighter moments. Anyway me thinking waste not want not and being as she was having trouble serving us tea, I asked her for some teabags and we would brew our own.
My cousin Norah went round the guests offering them a drink from the jug , the waitress grabbed her arm and said "Be careful remember Health and Safety... well it all lightened the mood.
It was wonderful to see my family all weekend .Mind you we wont be going to that pub again in  a hurry.
 I took some lovely pictures of the occasion so I thought I would share them all with you.

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